Adam Curtis – new work with Massive Attack

The Manchester International Festival is currently showing a new work by Adam Curtis and Robert Del Naja from Massive Attack

Described as ‘A collective hallucination.’ by Del Naja, and ‘A musical entertainment about the power of illusion and the illusion of power.’ by Adam Curtis, the work takes place at the Mayfield Depot Manchester until 13 July.

Curtis goes on – “We’ve used film, music, stories and ideas to try and do this – to build a new kind of experience. The best way we can describe it is “a Gilm” – a new way of integrating a gig with a film that has a powerful overall narrative and emotional individual stories.”

We created our last album ‘Negative Liberty’ in response to Curtis’ 2007 series ‘The Trap’ – here is a video from the track ‘The End of History’.

More on this work at the MIF site:

Adam Curtis statement and trailer in full