“Britannia Triumphant” reviewed by Metal Hammer

Our new album received a very encouraging review and 8/10 from Metal Hammer magazine:
“If Isis ever decided to inject themselves with DNA from Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, this might be the result. Despite connections with the underground stoner/doom scene – some of this band were part of 1990’s metal action men Hangnail, and there’s also a direct link to End of Level Boss – the music is far removed from that genre. The three tracks here are all epics – spaced out freakabouts that touch on the shoegazer brigade, but fortunately never get lost in that miserable quadrant. The music swells and builds, enveloping the atmosphere with a strangely foreboding sense of peace. Never hurried nor forced, it meanders with a purpose. Some might dismiss this album as pretentious. But give it a chance. ‘Britannia Triumphant’ is beautifully realised. 8/10”