Back from tour

We are back from our Europe Tour with A Whisper in the noise. We met loads of great people, played some amazing shows and drank more than enough beer.
We are currently sifting through pictures and vids.. here is a version of “Britannia” from the show in Leipzig. The venue (UT Connewitz) is an amazing old cinema that has been rejuvenated for gigs, awesome.

“Britannia Triumphant” reviewed by Metal Hammer

Our new album received a very encouraging review and 8/10 from Metal Hammer magazine:
“If Isis ever decided to inject themselves with DNA from Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, this might be the result. Despite connections with the underground stoner/doom scene – some of this band were part of 1990’s metal action men Hangnail, and there’s also a direct link to End of Level Boss – the music is far removed from that genre. The three tracks here are all epics – spaced out freakabouts that touch on the shoegazer brigade, but fortunately never get lost in that miserable quadrant. The music swells and builds, enveloping the atmosphere with a strangely foreboding sense of peace. Never hurried nor forced, it meanders with a purpose. Some might dismiss this album as pretentious. But give it a chance. ‘Britannia Triumphant’ is beautifully realised. 8/10”