The Winchester Club - Negative Liberty Album Cover

Negative Liberty (2011)

Full length CD – released by Exile on Mainstream on Feb 25th (Germany)/March 21st 2011 (Europe).

1. Fuck You Buddy
2. The Lonely Robot
3. RD Laing (Little Chemical Straightjackets)
4. The End of History
5. Negative Liberty

The Winchester Club – Negative Liberty [2011] by whirecordings

TWC Britannia Packshot Lo

Britannia Triumphant (2007/8)

Full length CD – originally released 5th November 2007 on WHI Recordings.
ltd. edition Woodpak CD (pictured above) – released by Exile on Mainstream in March 2008.

Track listing:

  1. Britannia Triumphant
  2. Settle Down
  3. but there is no space
  4. Britney sings lullabies to the drowning crew [Demo Version]
  5. song for c-pij [Demo Version]

The Winchester Club – Britannia Triumphant [2008] by whirecordings

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Drown little joys in work and distress

demo – released 2000

  1. Britney sings lullabies to the drowning crew
  2. if by any chance
  3. song for c-pij
  4. theme from minder

The Winchester Club – “Drown Little Joys in Work & Distress” [Demo,2000] by whirecordings