‘Negative Liberty’ live in full at Screensocial

We’ll be presenting our new album ‘Negative Liberty’ in it’s entirety on Wednesday January 18th at ScreenSocial, a new club/film night. This is the first time we will have played the album in full in the UK.

The live set will be accompanied by Full multi-screen visuals taken from Adam Curtis’ acclaimed documentary series “The Trap”, which provided inspiration for the imagery and themes explored by the new album. The visuals will span the entire 3-room space of <a href=”The Book Club bar in old st, London.

Screen Social is a new Film vs Music mash-up night featuring VJs mixing music videos, animation, short films & experiments with movie ‘soundtracks of your lives’. Bringing two of our most divisive cultural genres together in one space, Screen Social creates a live ‘filmusic’ experience. Check out new films, videos, directors and content you won’t see anywhere else!

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London Gig on October 15th

We’re playing at The WORKSHOP (underneath the Roadtrip Bar) in Old St. on October 15th, supporting the magnificent TIGERCUB and MINION TV.

Tickets are £4 before 8pm.
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More info from LOUDER CLOUDS:

Louder Clouds is positively embarrassed at how beautiful these bands are! Our little rockshop hosts another night of beautiful hybrid music not for the faint of heart or lazy!
Music that is hard to put into words, which is surely the best kind of music there is innit! Massive! Just massive. Big soundscapes and beautiful details, some vocals and trippy visuals….really really good bands. that is all!….

~ Tigercub ~

~ Minion TV ~

~ The Winchester Club ~

~ Eschar ~

~ 52 Commercial Road ~

~ Rumour Cubes ~

All watched over by machines of loving grace.

Monday sees the start of a new series of films by Adam Curtis, whose previous series “The Trap” provided the inspiration for the themes surrounding our new album ‘Negative Liberty’. We are looking forward to this to say the least.